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After several leaks, finally, RIM officially launched the new BlackBerry Z30. With this new BlackBerry device completes the new family of devices with BlackBerry OS 10, having already on store shelves and Q5 Q10 physical keyboard BlackBerry without forgetting Z10, the first Smartphone of this new generation.

Regarding the new BlackBerry Z30, it is confirmed a new 5-inch screen Super AMOLED, compared to 4.2 inches. The design has not been maintained, changed slightly to make it simpler, with steeper curves at their corners and metal bottom. Redesign is a simple but that seems to make it more similar to other devices, losing some of the seriousness and sobriety Z10 design. Part of the blame for this design is that INTEGA a new technology for antennas to improve connectivity in low coverage areas.

Under its 5-inch display lies a 1.7GHz processor quad-core and 2880 mAh battery that gives about 25 hours of use. A great update for the BlackBerry power consumption has been achieved by optimizing hardware and software, but this is something that will have to prove.